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    Microprocessor 8085 PSBTE May 2015 Paper                                                                SECTION-A

Q1. Do as directed.                                                                                             15×1=15

  1. EPROM Stands Erasable Program Read Only Memory.

  2. 8085 has 74 Basic instructions.

  3. Instruction is used to load 16 bit is LHLD 

  4.  TRAP is the highest priority Interrupt.

  5. RST stands for Restart Instructions .

   (ii) Do as directed

  1. A programmable device similar to CPU of computer is known as                                                                                                                                                       (a) Central processing unit                      (b) microprocessor                   (d) Microcomputer                     (e) PLA                                                                       ANS (d) Microcomputer 

  2. The address bus of 8085 is 16 bit and hence the memory which can be accessed by this address bus is

             (a) 112k                                                      (b) 4k

             (c) 16 k                                                        (d) 64 k

           ANS (d) 64KB

        3.A state during which nothing happens is known as

            (a) STA                                                          (b) NOP

           (c)  STC                                                          (d) opcode

       4. Mov A, B has

          (a) 1 machine cycle                                        (b) 2 machine cycle

          (c) 3 machine cycle                                         (d) 4 machine cycle             

      ANS(a) 1 Machine Cycle

       5. Which of the following is not present in 8085

          (a) PORT A                                                         (b) PORT C

          (c) PORT B                                                         (d) ALU

          ANS (d) ALU


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                 5×6=30

  1. Explain the various steps involved in execution of program?

  2. How interrupt are handled in 8085 ?

  3. Differentiate between programmed I/O & Interrupt driven I/O ?

  4. Discuss various addressing mode of 8085 ?

  5. Explain various function blocks of microprocessor ?

  6. Explain the timing diagram ofMVI A data ?

  7. Write a assembly language program to two`s compliment the 8 bit number?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                            3×10=30

        Q3 Explain the pin out Diagram of 8085 and explain functions of each pin?

       Q4 Compare the important feature of z80, 6800, 8085 processor?

       Q5 Write a short note on ? (a)  8253                     (b) 8251

       Q6 Explain stack and its function?

       Q7 Explain the following?

        (a) Instruction cycle              (b) machine cycle             (c) t state

        (d) Fetch cycle                       (e) execute cycle

microprocessor 8085 mp

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Section a:- microprocessor 8085 mp may 2015 diploma paper solution

The Data bus in 8085 is ______ bit

8 Bit

A Maximum memory that can be connected to 8085 microprocessor is  ____


Program Counter (PC) in 8085 is used to point to the address of instruction to be _____


EPROM Stands for ____________

Erasable Program Read Only Memory. 

A 8085 has ___________ addressing  mode


DAA stands for _________________ 

Decimal Adjust Accumulator

____________ is the highest priority Interrupt.


DMA means  ______________

Direct Memory Access.

________ instruction is used to output data from SOD Line.

SIM instruction 

BSR stands for ____________

Bit Set Reset Mode.

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Section B : Microprocessor PAPER MAY 2015 solution here

Short Note on the special purpose registers of 8085 ?

Special purpose registers of 8085 Click Here.

Explain the function of assembler, compiler and Interpreter. Describe instruction cycle, machine cycle and fetch Cycle What is the basic difference between programmed data transfer and DMA scheme ? Describe the flags of 8085 ?

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Explain how address and data lines are de-multiplexed in 8085 ?

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Differentiate between memory mapped I/O and I/O mapped I/O ?

Poor Power Factor

Six important Advantages of Electrical Energy ?

Advantages of Electrical Energy

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microprocessor mp 8085 MAY 2015 diploma PAPER

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Section c microprocessor 8085 MAY 2015 paper SOLUTION HERE

Explain various addressing modes of 8085 ? Explain various hardware interrupts of 8085 ? What is DMA data transfer scheme? Explain in details ?

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Draw and explain block diagram of 8255 ? Draw the Internal Architecture of 8085 and Explain Various Functional Blocks ?

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