Download Previous Year Diploma Paper of Communication System-II CS-2 5th Semester ECE May 2017 Diploma Solved Paper

Communication System-2 5th Semester ECE May 2017 Diploma Paper


Q1. a) Fill in the Blanks.                                             15×1=15       

        Q1. Driving force of an ECO system is
             a) Input of energy b)  Energy and matter
             c) Water d) Water and air
        Q2. Which of the following problems is not created by noise pollution ?
             a) Deafness b) Hypertension
              c) Inflation d) Diarrhea
        Q3. The portion of earth that support life is called:
              a) Biosphere b) Biotic
              c) Ecosystem d) None of the above

       Q4. Biogas plants using cattle dung are called—-
              a) Hydro plant b) Gobar gas plant
             c) Thermal power plant   d) Gas station                                                                                                                 Q5. Toxic waste consists of-
               a) Old medicines b) Clothes
                c) Plastics d) Glass bottles

       Q6. Earth day is celebrated on –
               a) 22 April b) 26 June
               c) 18 Sep. d) 6 August
       Q7. World environment day is celebrated every year on:
               a) 5th March b) 15th April
                c) 15th May d) 5th June

        Q8. Silk is obtained from-
              a) Earth worm b) Spider
               c) Silk worm d) Cater piller
        Q9. World population day is celebrated on:
              a) 12 August b) 11 July
             c) 23 September d) 5 June
       Q 10. Energy generated from sun is called ——–
            a) Sun energy b) Solar energy
            c) Day light d) Sun light energy

       Q11. The main cause of water pollution is –
             a) Sewage disposal b) Industrial waste
             c) Burning waste d) Both a and b

       Q12. Pencillin is used as—-
            a) Food b) Protein
            c) Antibiotic d) Anti- allergic
        Q13. Which of the following cannot be source of energy:
            a)Air b) Tide wave
            c) Water d) Rubber
       Q14. Plant are producer they convert energy into:
            a) Water b) Protein
            c) Carbohydrate d) Food


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30

          Q15. Which of the following wastes cannot be decomposed by bacteria to form compost:
           a) Kitchen wastes              b) Plastic& polythene bag
           c) Dead plants                    d) Bodies of insects living in the sea
         Q16. Which state irrigates largest percentage of land:
           a) Haryana                          b) Uttar Pradesh
           c) Maharashtra                  d) Punjab           

        Q17. Forest and wildlife are
           a) Renewable resources          b) Non- renewable resources
           c) Inexhaustible resources      d) None of these
       Q18. Volcano is Source of pollution
          a) Artificial                                       b) Natural
          c) Both                                              d) Man made
       Q19. Animals that feed on other animals are called
         a) Carnivorous b) Herbivorous
        c) Omnivorous  d) Both a and b
        Q20. Which of the following is not a green house gas :
         a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide
         c) Methane d) Chloro fluoro carbon

        Q21. Fluoride pollution mainly affects –
          a) Kidney b) Brain
          c) Heart d) Teeth
             Q22. Animals which is/ are active at night —–
             a) Rat b) Owl
             c) Cockroach d) All of the above

         Q23. The driving force of an ecosystem is……….
           a) input of energy b) energy of matter
          c) water d) water and air                                               

        Q24. Ozone layer thickness is measured in —
         a) Millimeter b) Centimeter
         c) Decibels     d) Dobson units                 

        Q25. Which of the following is an abiotic component of the ecosystem —–
        a) Plants b) Humus
         c) Fungi d) Bacteria
       Q26. Which steps can help to control soil pollution
      a) Reusing the materials  b) Reducing chemical fertilizers
       c) Reforesting                    d) All of above

      Q27. Chief source of energy in environment is
        a) Fire b) Star
        c) Sun d) Moon

     Q28. Smog is
         a) Colorless b) Combination of smoke
         c) A natural phenomenon                  d) All of the above

     Q29. The area reserved for the welfare of wildlife is called
         a) National Park b) Forest
         c) Botanical Garden d) Sanctuary

     Q30. Effects of mining are –
         a) Deforestation b) Pollution
         c) Blasting d) All of these

     Q31. One of the best solution to get rid of non- biodegradable wastes is –
         a) Burning b) Dumping
         c) Recycling d) Burying

     Q32. Concentration of which gas is highest in our environment?
         a) Hydrogen b) Helium
         c) Oxygen d) Nitrogen

     Q33. pH value of pure water is :
           a) 0 b) 7
           c) 6 d) 5

    Q34. The first Indian biosphere reserve was:
        a) Sunderbans b) Nilgiri
        c) Nanda devi d) Kaziranga

    Q35. Defense equipments are source of:
        a) Water pollution b) Air pollution
        c) Noise pollution d) None of these

   Q36. The pyramid of energy in any ecosystem is:
       a) Always upright        b) May be upright or inverted
      c) Always inverted       d) None of these

   Q37. Environmental studies are very important for
       a) Clean and fresh air      b) Hygienic conditions
       c) Getting clean drinking water      d) All of the above

   Q38. Acid rain is due to:
       a) Formation of oxides of sulfur       b) Formation of oxides of nitrogen
       c) Formation of HNO                          d) All of these

    Q39. Which of the following rivers lies in a rift valley?
      a) Chambal b) Son
      c) Tapti d) Lumi
    Q40. We and our surroundings together are –
     a) Environment b) Atmosphere
      c) Lithosphere d) Hydrosphere
    Q41. The part of earth which contains water is called:
     a) Hydrosphere b) Atmosphere
     c) Troposphere d) Ionosphere

    Q42. Decomposer include
    a) Bacteria b) Fungi
    c) Animals d) Both a and b

    Q43. The remains of dead animals and plants following their death are called:
     a) Detritus b) Decomposers
     c) Soil d) Fragments

     Q44. Water covers over of the earth
     a) 70% b) 30%
     c) 50% d) None of these     

     Q45. Pollutants having most lasting effects are
    a) Pesticides b) Smoke
    c) CO d) Sulfur dioxide

     Q46. Ozone depletion will cause:
       a) Forest fires                                          b) Global warming
       c) Inverse incidence of skin cancer     d) None of these
     Q47. Deforestation generally decreases –
        a) Rainfall b) Soil erosion
      c) Draught d) Global warming

     Q48. In our country the percentage of land under forest is about:
        a) 20% b) 19%
        c) 25% d) 30%
     Q49. The Taj Mehal at Agra may be damaged by:
      a) Sulfur dioxide b) Chlorine
      c) Hydrogen d) Oxygen

     Q50. An ecosystem consists of –
       a) Green plants and animals              b) Green plants and decomposers
       c) Producers and consumers       d) Green plants and animals, decomposers and abiotic environment

Section a CS-2 5Th Semester ECE May 2017 Diploma Solved Paper

MODEM is combination of __________ and ____________

MODEM is combination of Modulator and Demodulator.     

PBX stands for _____________

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange.     

Attenuation is expressed in ______________

Attenuation is expressed in Decibel (dB ).     

Major disadvantage of FSK is its _________

Major disadvantage of FSK is its Required High Bandwidth.      

The primary advantage of digital communication over analog communication is _________

The primary advantage of digital communication over analog communication is Noise Immunity.      

ASCII is _________ bit code.

ASCII is Seven (7) bit code.      

EBCDIC stands for _______________

EBCDIC stands for Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.      

Define Nyquist theorem.

Nyquist theorem.      

UART stands for _____________________

UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter.    

Bit rate = ________________

Bit rate = Number of Bits Transfer/Second.

CS-2 5th Semester ECE May 2017 Diploma Solved Paper Click Here

Section B :CS-2 5th Sem ECE May 2017 Diploma Solved Paper

What are the advantages of digital communication system?

Advantages of digital communication system      

Draw and explain the block diagram of data communication system.

Explain the block diagram of data communication system.      

List the important applications of modern FAX machine.

Important applications of modern FAX machine.      

Explain CRC in brief.

CRC in brief.       

What are different transmission modes? Explain.

Different transmission modes      

What is radio telemetry? Explain.

Radio telemetry       

Write the features of private automatic branch exchange (PABX).

Features of private automatic branch exchange (PABX).       

What is modem? Explain its operation in brief.

Modem its operation in brief.

CS-2 5th Semester ECE May 2018 Diploma Solved Paper Click Here

CS-2 5Th Semester ECE May 2017 Diploma Solved Paper

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Section c :-cs-2 5th Sem CSE May 2017 Diploma Solved Paper

What is facsimile communication? list down its applications.

Facsimile communication its applications.

With the help of block diagram explain digital exchange.

Block diagram explain digital exchange.

Draw and explain UART

Explain UART.

What is the principle of ASK? Explain its generation and detection.

Principle of ASK? Explain its generation and detection.

Write short note on CRC

Short note on CRC 

Short Note on TDM


Write Short Note on Echo suppressors.

Short Note on Echo suppressors.

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